A queen has been murdered. A princess has been scorned.

When the death of her mother rocks her to her very core and her father’s inaction brings on dark thoughts she can’t escape, Mila wishes to take matters into her own hands.

Something tells her that if she doesn’t act soon, the murderous rage inside her could erupt, resulting in the death of an innocent person. Her only choice is to enter the Forest of Depravity and seek out the scavs that killed her mother—and soon enough, she finds a group to stalk.

Mila’s recklessness incites a fight for her life—one she can’t possibly win against four brutal scavs.

When all hope is lost, Lady Luck smiles upon Mila in the form of a forest dweller named Godric. Not only does he save her life in a matter of seconds, but he also changes it permanently when he agrees to train her in his lethal methods.

His eccentricity is both alluring and daunting, yet Mila feels that she can be herself around him. She also discovers that Godric is the key to controlling her dark side and to getting justice for her mother—however, her second chance at redemption comes sooner than she or Godric expected.

Together, they must rely on each other’s strengths to survive.

Forest of Depravity is a novella-length introduction to the Sins of the Gods universe.

Note: This story contains a foul-mouthed princess, lots of bloodshed, and a dose of sweet romance. It’s ideal for fans of Game of Thrones and The Witcher.

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