What can you do when the thing you hate most in the world is also the only thing which might keep you alive? ★★★★★

Ryan Blackwell never wanted to have magical abilities. He’d rather leave them as far behind him as possible – and never look back! Arriving at the military college of Northshield University was supposed to be a chance to start over and build a new life for himself. One without magic, thank you very much!

But Northshield holds a secret: a powerful nexus of ley lines. Where these converging lines of raw magical force intersect, strange things can happen and even stranger beings are attracted to the site. Almost overnight Ryan is faced with a choice: accept his magic or die.

But even that may not be enough, because as the threats grow stronger and students begin dying, even Ryan will find his power tested to the limit.

Giving up isn’t an option, and flight is impossible. That only leaves one path to survival…fight back!

Start this urban fantasy adventure today!