The Nexus War has begun. But out in the darkness of the void, a new threat looms.
Amanda has a plan to fight the Crux, but this mission could bring death and destruction to the Magi.

The Nexus has fractured and the Dynasties now fight each other in a war that spans thousands of light-years across an entire arm of the galaxy.

Amanda and the Terran Foundation are at the heart of this war, and it seems that Amanda is in demand. The Dynasties want her help as they engage in brutal Magical warfare, but Amanda has other worries.

A distant colony has been attacked by the Crux. Bolstered by the Archons, they are preparing to attack the Nexus while it’s at it’s weakest.

In a bid to end the war, Amanda takes on a perilous mission to free the one being she believes can defeat the Archons.

But the consequences of this action could be catastrophic.

Read this Epic Space Opera with space-faring Mages and dragons in a vast galactic war.