Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Did you know May 1 marked the 30th anniversary of the original publication of Good Omens? I’m currently reading the book after having binge-watched the series last year the day it released. (Yes, I’m behind, my to-be-read list is probably a mile or two long by now.)

On Friday, the released this awesome video regarding the current quarantines and lockdowns going on. Find out how our favorite angel and demon are doing dealing with being locked down too. (it’s absolutely brilliant).

And when you’re done with the video, check out the awesome books below!

NOTE: The author of the Fairhaven Chronicles has noted that they submitted a price change on Thursday of last week and the price has not changed to 99 cents yet. It is supposed to be on sale this week, but there are apparently delays happening at Amazon. Be sure to check the price before one-clicking.

Enjoy and happy reading!

The Fairhaven Chronicles Boxed Set: The Complete Series

Victoria Brie is getting her life together. She may be just a cashier, but she has big dreams and high hopes for what comes next. In the meantime, she has everything that matters: her family and her best friend.

If only life were that simple.

When she comes home to find her parents murdered by an elf — yeah, an elf — she’s thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and a madman who wants her dead,

Huntress Initiate

How did they expect her to play the game if she didn’t even understand the rules?

Abandoned as an infant, Quinn Faust is about to discover she’s not just a normal human being.

Bounced from foster home to foster home, she came to rely on her street smarts, martial arts skills, and the tiny silver amulet that was the only link to her lost family.

Hired by a video game company to test new Virtual Reality gear to train soldiers, Quinn quickly learns there’s more to the game than they told her.

Dragon Seed

What would you give to be a dragon rider?

Before being conscripted to fight in the Total War, Private Hector Park had a shattered family, a collection of old videogames, and a promising career as a motorcycle stuntman. Now, he is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. He has three days to live.

When Hector’s brother contacts him after years of hostile silence, Hector goes to try and make peace. But his brother has an offer even more unbelievable than reconciliation.

Women of the United Federation Marines Trilogy

The Women of the United Federation Marines is the omnibus version of the three books in the series. Each book follows the career of one of three women who first cross paths while members of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines before the needs of the service lead them on her own journey of service to the United Federation.

BONUS CONTENT: 2017 Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novelette: “Weaponized Math.”

The Stormborn Saga (the triple trilogy omnibus)

THREE entire trilogies and a bonus novella await you in this true epic fantasy adventure! Dragon riders, sea monsters, vampire lords, a sneaky rogue, a shadow elf wizard (and his albino sea snake, Rasi!) … if you can imagine it, Valrin and the crew will likely meet it, friend it, or face it in battle!

If you’re expecting the typical coming of age story… you couldn’t be more wrong.

Acre’s Bastard

The Holy Land, 1187

Salah-adin is poised to conquer the Kingdom of Jerusalem. For 10-year old Lucca “the Louse”, it’s life as normal. The streets of Acre—the wickedest city in the world—are his playground. But when a violent act of betrayal leaves him homeless and alone, he’s drawn into a terrifying web of violence, espionage, and holy war.

The murder of a local clerk sends Lucca and the mysterious Brother Marco into a race against time to stop the Kingdom from tearing itself apart and becoming easy prey for their enemies. Can one lone boy save the Crusader Kingdom from disaster at the Horns of Hattin?

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