Quantum Legends is a series of collaborations between Andrew Dobell and other authors, where Amanda from his Star Magi series, visits other universes.

In this book, Amanda visits Michael Anderle’s Kurtherian Gambit universe and works with Bethany Anne.


When the Reavers choose to take on Bethany Anne, Amanda show’s up to help her friend from the Multiverse Bar. Together, they must fight against the latest raid by the multiverse pirates.

Furious at Amanda, the Reavers launch a surprise attack. But Amanda stands her ground, and the Reavers flee, taking Amanda’s Familiar, Sam, with them.

Desperate to find her close friend, Amanda gives chase with the help of Void. But the Reavers have another mission to another universe. Stowed away, Sam goes with them, and Amanda isn’t far behind.

But Sam hasn’t been idle during his absence and has developed a relationship with a native Cat, who belongs to someone Amanda has met before.

Bethany Anne is in the midst of a desperate fight against the Kurtherians. The last thing she needs is Multiverse Pirates making things even worse. But when Amanda appears in her universe hunting for her familiar, Bethany Anne might not have a choice. Especially because these pirates seem to be taking a close interest in her operation.

Amanda and Bethany Anne must find a way to work together if they are to defeat this threat before the Reavers do their worst.

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