Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

We didn’t exactly plan for April 1 to be the day we switched everything over from Reading Addicts to Fresh Book Deals, it just kind of ended up that way.

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We hope you continue to enjoy our emails and even visit our website. Check it out here! Just ignore the dust.

On to the books!

We have some great free books, boxed sets and fantasy books for you this week.

I hope you like mystery and thriller books. There’s a special link to a friend’s site that has 46 books they’re giving away for free today only. It’s a steal.

Enjoy and happy reading!

I Fear No Evil Complete Series Omnibus

Wanted: Tomb Raider – No experience necessary. Requires Life Insurance. Will be working with deadly magical artifacts and killers.

Shay Carson had a wake up call when a hitman was sent after her. Her previous profession was getting a bit personal.

Then, life offered her a chance to disappear, and she did.

What’s a girl to do with a very specific set of skills?

Take up Tomb Raiding!

Behind every complicated woman is a story. For Shay, it happens to be a little complicated and she can’t share with her new friends.


FREE through Friday, April 3

Darkness is his friend.

A world destroyed by nuclear war. “Civilization” rebuilt with iron fists. Jim Wolfe emerges from his hiding place years afterward, stronger, able to see in the dark, hampered by the daylight.

He is the Nightwalker. One man alone. Embracing honor in a world with none.

He only wants to get home. Did his wife and little boy survive? He has to find his way, walking through dens of villainy and despair, through the corrupt and the criminal.

With enemies of peace closing in on each side, how far can Wolfe make it?

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

Santa Claus isn’t who, or what, you think he is! He is an Arctic Wolf Shifter, and the mantle has always passed down to his sons. But this Santa didn’t have any boys, he has 4 girls!

His eldest daughter is supposed to marry the son of the pack’s Beta wolf, Rock. But she has refused. Lizzy wants to marry for love, not pack standing.

Lizzy is pulled to Los Angeles by the Christmas Magic looking for adventure and possibly her future Santa. What she finds instead shocks her and her family.

Dead Radiance

Bryn Halbrook had always seen the glow on the people around her. And she knows all too well what psychiatrists do to people who claim impossible powers. She’s always stayed below the radar, but when she discovers the meaning of the beautiful auras, she’s not sure why she was cursed with the ability to see the soon-to-be-dead and be unable to do anything about it.

The Dark Messiah

FREE through Friday, April 3

Michael returns to fulfill a promise to his love, but the world isn’t the same place.

Michael, the Archangel himself, has returned after a hundred and fifty years rejuvenating in the Etheric Dimension.

Now, the most powerful male Vampire the world had ever known is back.

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Wayward Magic

If you’re looking for a new book or series to read, check this book fair out. They’re available for free for a limited time!

Witches, Wizards and Warlocks, oh my!

If you like books featuring witches, wizards and warlocks, this book fair is perfect for you. Check it out! You’ll be enchanted!

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