If you stayed at home and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at home and are recovering, we won’t say anything. Promise!

If you’re looking for books to keep you or your loved ones occupied while you’re self-isolating during this pandemic, we have plenty for you!

There’s quite a number of boxed sets as well as individual books below. And if that’s not enough, there’s book fairs with free series starters, completed series you can read in KU and more.

Do you have a current favorite author? If you had to recommend an author or a book to someone, what would it be?

Enjoy and happy reading!

Enemy of My Enemy Complete Series Omnibus

A battle. A spaceship crashes on an alien planet. Its combat troops deploy. The aliens run for their lives. Until they can run no more. Then they fight back.

An Alien Galactic Military Science Fiction Adventure!

Grab the entire Enemy of My Enemy series in one boxed set!

Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus

They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?

This digital box set contains ALL 11 books of the best-selling Terry Henry Walton Chronicles series from Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle.

The United Federation Marine Corps: The Ryck Lysander Trilogy

This is the omnibus version of the first three books in The United Federation Marine Corps series. It follows Ryck Lysander from his time as a recruit up to his service as a lieutenant.

Desperate to escape a life of poverty on his desolate home planet, Ryck Lysander enlists in the United Federation Marine Corps, hoping to make a better future for himself. 

The Dogs of God

16 Amazing Authors, 16 Incredible SciFi Stories, 1 Great Name

From Allen to Woods, inside are some of the biggest and best names in Scifi, who have all come together under the banner of a name—Chris. What’s in a name? Some of the best SciFi out there! The stories are awesome, and it’s all science fiction…according to Chris!

Magi Descent

Stop the world’s most powerful Magus, from gaining more power, and ending the world.
Easy, right…?

Back in the modern day, Amanda discovers that the situation has changed. Yasmin is out to kill her and destroy the world as we know it.

Worlds Away

200 years ago, the Earth was conquered, but nobody knew.

Commander Venay of the V’Zenian Empire was a man on a mission. It was his responsibility to ensure a good lot of human slaves made it back to his planet each year. But this time it was different.

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Free Series Starters

Are you looking for new series to binge read? Check out these free books to get you started, then you can continue reading the series if you enjoy them! Plenty of books to keep you occupied for days!

Get complete urban fantasy romance and paranormal romance series!

All of these series are free to read in Kindle Unlimited and are completed series!

Check out Sci-Fi Girls Month!

It’s March and you know what month that is!

It’s the month girl heroines celebrate being unapologetically phenomenal and oh-so-badass! Don’t just respect one girl book. Respect and love them all!