Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out.

Ever tried to get a permit to fly a dragon over New York City? Talk about red tape.

Welcome to the Dragon Show! The only show on earth where you get to watch Tara Drake, the bubblegum-chewing, tartan-wearing, badass, snarky dragon rider take to the skies.

But Tara isn’t your typical street performer. She holds a terrible and troublesome secret.

Her family was killed by vampires, and this heroine assassin is hunting them down.

Tara travels from city to city, tracking the vampires. Her hunt has brought her to New York City, where the blood-sucking fiends are planning a dark and deadly ritual.

This is Tara’s chance to kill the vampire who took her family away. But the vampire is the leader of a powerful syndicate with a reach far beyond what she imagined possible. Killing him will put everyone she knows in danger.

She could lose everything all over again. Her friends, her new family, even her soul.

Tara has a decision to make: Finally satisfy her all – consuming desire for vengeance, or-for the sake of everyone around her – walk away, letting the murderer go free.

If Mercy Thompson or Buffy ever managed to get a dragon, they’d be working with Tara Drake. WELCOME TO THE DRAGON SHOW! The greatest show on Earth…if, that is, you can survive it.

“Mythology, satire, and brutal honesty. Vance delivers a knockout punch of fun and fearlessness in every last one of his books. Not only does he make you laugh, he makes you think. That’s a rare combination that few authors ever achieve, and Vance does it splendidly.” — John P. Logsdon, author of the Paranormal Police Department series.

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